Swheat Scoop \ Multi-cat \ 36lb

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sWheat Scoop® is thrilled to offer a new, high-performing, all-natural cat litter that both you and your cats will love. Still better for cats, people and the planet, premium+ is so powerful you won’t believe it’s all natural. 2x more powerful odor elimination* clumps 2x faster and firmer for easy scooping* no added dyes, perfumes or dust 100% biodegradable purrfect for single- and multi-cat homes sWheat Scoop premium+ is a first-of-its-kind, triple-action, odor-eliminating cat litter. premium+ uses the power of plant extracts to significantly enhance clumping and cutting-edge Noble Ion® Technology to stop litter box odor. By infusing wheat enzymes with Noble Ions, pet odor biologically transforms into harmless, non-smelly molecules for a breakthrough in odor elimination. Finally, an all-natural cat litter that works like a cat litter should.
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