R-Zilla / Lttr English Walnut Shells 50-lb

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* Recreate a reptile's desert habitat with 100% natural ground English walnut shells * Lighter in weight than old-fashioned sand and dust-free for a healthier habitat * Excellent heat conductor and attractive substitute for sand Keep your reptile safe and less stressed with this nontoxic, dust-free terrarium substrate. Made of English walnut shells ground to uniform size. If ingested, it will pass easily through a reptile's digestive system. Less abrasive than sand and bark, these shells offer a more comfortable home for your herp and won't scratch cage glass. This bedding also retains heat, providing an excellent terrarium sand substitute for all desert dwelling reptiles. Clumps together for easy cleaning and can be readily composted with everyday yard waste. Ingredients: Ground English Walnut Shells. Directions for use: Pour bedding into terrarium and landscape as desired. A depth of one to two inches is recommended. Greater bedding depths may be required for many burrowing reptiles. Remove animal waste and soiled bedding daily. Replace bedding monthly or as needed. Feeding: Always feed reptiles from a shallow bowl or plate and use a separate bowl for fresh water. When feeding live food, it is best to feed the reptile in a separate container such as a cloth bag (snakes) or a terrarium that contains no bedding. Humidity: It may be necessary to add humidity by misting, depending on the species of reptile. If misting is necessary, the bedding will absorb any excess moisture, which will then be released back into the terrarium over time.
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