Our Boutique

Image showing the exterior of Urbanimal Pet Store



  • A grocery section where you can find food for all urban pets;

  • A bulk section offering a variety of treats for animals with a wide selection of natural and organic products;

  • All tested by our employees with their own pets so that we can provide expert advice to our customers and ensure the sale of effective and quality products.


  • Many families have more than one type of animal and Urbanimal gives them access to a variety of accessories that will meet the needs of everyone in one place.

  • In addition, Urbanimal has a dedicated section to the care and health of animals by offering specific products in case of emergency, for example, watering by a skunk, presence of fleas, skin problems, digestion, dental or allergies.


  • Our live animals are our greatest ambassadors and there is something for everyone. Scattered in the shop, they can offer a pleasant experience to customers during their shopping or while waiting for a grooming session.

  • Our staff is happy to show and manipulate animals to families in a friendly and safe manner.

  • Our employees ensure that families are well educated before buying an animal to fit their lifestyle, be treated properly, and have adequate habitat and food;

  • Urbanimal keeps a limited number of animals at all times to be able to take good care of them and ensure their health before leaving for a new home;

  • Some of them are considered our mascots in store and are not intended for sale.



Image showing the interior of Urbanimal Pet Store
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