Nutrafin Natural CO2 Sytem for plants

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The Natural Nutrafin CO 2 System provides plants with an essential nutrient that is often missing in aquariums: carbon dioxide or CO 2. This natural fermentation system has been designed to provide a source of dissolved CO 2 in aquariums in a simple and effective way. Thanks to a proven concept, all components of the system are designed to improve performance. The CO 2 level produced by the device is ideal for most aquariums that use fluorescent lighting. It is easy to use: just add water and refined table sugar. It is also easy to install and improves the water quality of any aquarium with plants. The use of the natural Nutrafin CO 2 system promotes vigorous plant growth, cleanliness of the aquarium and fish health. Can handle aquariums up to 75.5 L (20 US gal). For larger aquariums, it is recommended to use several devices
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