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The patented Halti headcollar, designed by Dr. Roger Mugford, gives you total control when walking your dog. Calms boisterous dogs. Simplifies training. Restrains biters. Reduces fears. Reforms fighters. Assists with restraining dog during veterinarian or grooming visits. Calms hysterical car travelers. Halti stops pulling because if you guide a dog's head, the body will surely follow. Thesoft nylon collar fits comfortably around its face without restrictingthe mouth. If the dog tries to pull or lunge forward, Halti transfersthe forward motion into turning the head sideways. This immediatelydiscourages the activity without any undue stress to the animal. Perfect for leash control training and as a permanent training collar for large or active dogs. Washable nylon webbing with strong metal loops and durable plastic buckle. Fitting: Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Dachshund Miniature Jack Russell Maltese Terrier Norfolk/Norwich Terrier Poodle Toy Yorkshire Terrier
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